Mik is the driving force behind this inventive and tailor-made sound. A multi-instrumentalist with a deep passion for that fuzzy distortion of American indie rock, His roughness is equaled on even keel by the sultry merengue and salsa that feels as though it might swallow him whole. Mik seems to wear his romanticism in loose tongued dialogs, swaying from velvety whispers to an asphalt fortitude and almost guttural amp distortion. He seems alluringly unfiltered and unwilling to hold back, though equally romantic in aim.  

Completely self-produced, Mik Current has firmly established his intentions to create a fresh sound that is uniquely American & Latin. Instrumentally, he draws heavily from merengue and salsa, featuring the impressively complex and groovy reinvention of those roots, retrofitting them with an indie rock sensibility all his own. Mik creates a world of smoldering summer nights, with an air of mischief and an attention to the body; dancing is clearly what he would like to see his audience do.